How To Apply, Remove, & Tips

Glitz Nail Strips are the quickest & most simple way to get the perfect manicure at home. They are self-adhesive and do not require heat activation, or cutting to size like wraps of the past! Start with clean hands, buff nails, wipe each nail with an alcohol prep pad, push back cuticles, choose the right size for your nail, remove clear cover, peel wrap from backing, stick the wrap on nail, make sure it is on snug by pushing it down with your finger, file away the excess, and apply top coat.

You can apply our nail wraps onto any type of nail, whether that is a bare natural nail, one with base coat polish, gel, acrylics, etc...

Glitz Nail Strips will come to you in plastic vacuum packaging in order to avoid drying out. Once you open them, be sure to apply them immediately.

Detailed Instructions & Tips Below:

1. Wash Hands & Buff Nails, & Prep With Alcohol Pad

  • Sometimes our nail beds can have lotion, natural oils, and other things on them that would prevent the wraps from sealing to your nail.

  • Give them a quick wash and dry thoroughly. 

  • Optional- Lightly buff each nail with a fine grit buffer. This will ensure the nail has a proper surface texture for maximum sticking! 

  • Use the included alcohol pad for the final prep, and wipe down each nail and let alcohol dry completely.

  • Use the alcohol pad or included cuticle stick to very gently push back any cuticles that are excessively covering the nail. Trim cuticles if necessary.

    2. Choose The Right Size 

    • We have included various sizes of nail wraps for you to find the perfect fit. 

    • We suggest choosing a size just a tiny bit smaller than your entire nail bed, to avoid the wrap sticking on your skin & cuticles. 

    • Applying a wrap that is too large and touches the skin or cuticles will cause lifting. 

    3. Remove The Clear Plastic Cover From Each Wrap

    • You may not have noticed, but there is a protective plastic cover on every single wrap on our $5 Original Line. Our Express Line contains a clear plastic film covering the entire set. 

    • It’s important to peel off the clear protective cover first, so that you can then easily peel the nail wrap from the backing underneath.

    4. Peel The Nail From The Backing

    • Peel your wrap from the backing it sticks to. 

    • Attempt not to touch the adhesive before you put it on your nail to keep it as tacky as possible. 

    • That being said, our wraps have an amazing adhesive that lets you re-position them on your nail if needed, and they will still remain sticky! 

    5. Place The Wrap On Your Nail 

    • Align the wrap at the bottom of your nail, making sure not to stick on cuticles. Gently stretch to fit it over the entire nail.

    • Use a side-to-side motion to press and smooth the wrap firmly into place.

    • Be sure to smooth out any bubbles, as getting a tight, wrinkle free seal from top to bottom is the key to making your manicure last. 

    6. File Off Excess

    • Use the file we have included to file off the excess length.

    • It is important to file in a downward motion, and not side to side. This will help avoid tearing and chips. 

    • The excess wrap that you have filed/separated can now easily be removed. 

    • If there are any rough edges left on the nail, smooth them out with the the fine grain side of the file.

    7) Top Coat

    • Glitz Nail Strips are glossy straight out of the box, however to make them last and avoid any chipping/damage, you will need to apply a clear quick dry top coat.

    • Our favorite top coat is Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat™️, and can be found for under $4! Click here to purchase.


    Use Glitz Nail Strips as directed. Discontinue use if you experience any irritation or an allergic reaction. 

      How To Remove Glitz Nail Strips

      Glitz Nail Strips are made with real nail polish and will come off with an acetone nail polish remover soak. If you prefer not to use acetone, we suggest using Mineral Fusion®️ Nail Polish Remover. You can purchase it here.

          Tips: Making Your Wraps Last

          Use A Top Coat

          • Remember, our wraps are REAL nail polish, and they may chip as real nail polish does without adding top coat.

          • Sunscreens, oils, lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc, may contain chemicals that can damage your wraps. Applying a top coat can prevent this from happening, so you can wear your wraps with confidence knowing they are protected. 

          • Quick dry top coat works well with Glitz. If you would like to see your wraps last up to 3 weeks, use a gel top coat and cure with a UV lamp.

          Use A Base Coat

          • This is totally optional, but it will help if you have cracked, brittle, or excessively oily nail beds.

          • A base coat can help protect your natural nails, and for those with oily nail beds- make your wraps adhere much better.

          Apply Nails At Night, Before You Go To Bed. 

          • Wait at least 1 hour after you apply your wraps and top coat before touching any water.

          • Be mindful of touching any oils, lotions, and soaps shortly after applying your wraps and top coat.

          • Exposure to chemicals and water may affect the adhesiveness of the wraps if they are exposed too early. They may warp, bubble, & not stay on as well.

          • We suggest putting your wraps on at night, just before bed for this reason. It gives them time to set and ensures you aren’t exposing them to chemicals and water right away. 

          Protect And Use Care

          • Wear gloves when washing the dishes and using medium-temperature water instead of extra hot water when showering.

          • This little bit of extra effort really helps to keep your wraps always looking perfect, and helps them last as long as possible. 

          Do Not Use In Extreme Weather

          • Glitz will have difficulty with sticking and pliability when using during extreme temperatures.

          • If you live in extremely cold/freezing temperatures, be sure to warm your wraps in between your hands before opening & applying them.

          • Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place. Putting them in extremely cold or hot locations will affect their adhesive and make them difficult to use.

          Seal Your Leftover Wraps For Future Use

          • We provide 14-16 wraps in every package in order to offer you a variety of sizes, and because we know mistakes can happen. You will most likely have extras when you are done applying your manicure! You may store the extras if you wish, so that you can use them as accent nails at a later date! 

          • Your wraps will come sealed to avoid exposure to air and elements. We suggest resealing the extras with a little heat to provide the same protection.

          • Do not throw away your plastic packaging they came to you in. Use it to store your extras in.

          • Use a mini heat sealer or even your hair straightener to heat reseal your wraps in their original packaging! It takes just seconds and will ensure your extra wraps do not dry out.

          If you are experiencing any issues with our wraps even after following these steps, please let us know. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and want your feedback. We want to make sure that you get the best experience possible!

          Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: